Fleur Narcotique

Body wash

  • FLEUR NARCOTIQUE, the iconic creation of Quentin Bisch for EX NIHILO is now available in a bath and body ritual. In the greatest respect of the original, its formula has been preciously optimized for comfort and long-lasting pleasure on the skin. The body wash purifies gently and exhales floral and fresh notes for an immediate addictive effect.

    It is recommended to use this range layered with the fragrance FLEUR NARCOTIQUE without any restriction!

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    Italian Bergamot, Lychee



  • Perfumer since 2011, Quentin creates sophisticated, complex and feminine creations for EX NIHILO, sublimating the most precious raw materials of Perfumery. He also creates fragrances for shows, exhibitions and concerts.

    He also created:
    Venenum KissFleur NarcotiqueCuir Celeste

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